Describe the basic concepts of cybersecurity

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Knowing the fundamentals of cybersecurity is a first step toward protecting against cyberthreats. In this learning path you will learn about cybersecurity concepts and ways to protect yourself and your business from cyberattacks.



Modules in this learning path

Cyberattacks are impacting individuals and businesses at alarming rates. Being informed about the evolving threat landscape and common types of attacks are key to learning how to protect against attacks.

Cryptography is foundational to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information; and defending against cyberattacks. Throughout this module, you'll learn about the different elements of cryptography and their application in cybsecurity.

Secure authentication and authorization are a cornerstone of protecting against cybersecurity threats. Learn about common identity-based attacks, different authentication methods, and ways to protect against unauthorized access.

Networks form the backbone of our digitally connected world. They also represent an entry point for cyberattacks. In this module, you'll learn about threats to network security and how to mitigate those threats.

Internet connected devices are everywhere, and users and organizations depend on them for pretty much every facet of daily life and business use. Throughout this module, you'll learn about device threats and mitigation techniques.

The proliferation of applications across the digital landscape presents an increased opportunity for cybercriminals. Throughout this module, you’ll learn about the threat landscape of application-based attacks and how to protect your applications.