Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 Cumulative Update 14 (CU14) is available

This article lists issues that are fixed in the English version of Microsoft Management Report 2012 Cumulative Update 14 (CU 14) 2.12.14001.45. The update has a prerequisite. For more information about the installation guide, see Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Installation, Migration, and Configuration Guides.

Applies to:   Microsoft Management Reporter 2012, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015
Original KB number:   3122888

More information

A supported update rollup for Microsoft Management Reporter is now available.

If you have questions about how to install this rollup, contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics. On to the Microsoft Dynamics Support website, you can file a new support request.


When you create a support request, select Financial - Management Reporter 2012 as the Support Topic.

You can also contact Technical Support for Microsoft Dynamics by telephone at (888) 477-7877.


Before you install Management Reporter, your system must meet the minimum requirements as listed in the Management Reporter 2012 for Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Installation, Migration, and Configuration Guides.

New features included in CU14:

  • Report Options for Web Viewer (data mart only)
    • Change Period and regenerate report from Web Viewer
  • Keyboard accessibility for Drill to Dynamics
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enhancements for budget submodels with multiple parents
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Budget Control enhancements including new attributes
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP performance improvements (previously released as CU13 hotfix 3682838)
  • Many fixes for exporting to XPS

Fixes in the cumulative update

KB Title
812071 The amounts in the XBRL instance document should be formatted to not display zeros after the first 2 decimal places
3267686 Error/Crash for Viewer user with Drill to Dynamics from Report Viewer desktop client "You don't have permission to perform this operation"
3410167 SQL Merge integration error when a budget model is a submodel for two or more models
3596584 GP Transaction to Fact performance issue with large chart of accounts
3599519 Large number of records in GL00100 table causes timeouts in integration and performance issues in Configuration Console
3623912 Configuration Console may crash when loading too many long events from the Event Viewer
3647752 Report designer may crash when the client does not contain the language culture defined for the company
3649058 You receive the following error in the AX 2012 Dimension Values to Dimension Values map: System.IndexOutOfRangeException
3658362 "Unable to connect to the Management Reporter application service. Make sure the service is started. See the service log for details" error after upgrading to CU13 and opening the Configuration Console
3660410 Management Reporter data mart deployment fails on Turkish_CI_AS database collation
3660758 Slow performance on AX 2012 companies to company map for Management Reporter if there are many security roles defined within Microsoft Dynamics AX
3662063 Management Reporter 2012 CU13 will not install on Windows Server 2008 SP2 - Error "Management Reporter Setup ended prematurely"
3663084 XPS Viewer cannot open XPS file generated by Report Designer Japanese version
3669431 You may receive the following error from the Companies to Companies map - "Sequence contains no elements"
3670371 Incorrect XBRL schema is used if the 5.2 taxonomy is selected
3672374 You may receive an error when viewing a report using the B0 print control and display blanks for zero amounts is deselected
3677880 Incorrect YTD results for Unit Accounts for Microsoft Dynamics GP when currency translation occurs and account is set to 'clear balance during year-end close'
3680516 Case sensitivity in the company identifier in AX causing Sped ECF not to be generated in some cases
3681935 Report Designer may crash when using Missing Account Analysis with excluded dimensions
3682778 Report group will fail to generate when @ANY is used for the company
3686223 Improve report generation performance from CU13 where many account filters exist with many dimension combinations
3688040 Formula for TOT row incorrect when exporting report with tree to Excel using "Export to single worksheet" option and zero rows are not displayed
3689876 AX User integration query runs twice (Once for "Company to Companies" and once for "Company to Organizations") but the results are ignored for "Company to Organizations"
3690816 Unexpected service error on call: an error occurred while reading from the store provider's data reader. See the inner exception for details.
3692838 Slower report generation for consolidated company reports from CU12 to CU14
3695615 TOT formulas incorrect when Page Layout header option selected and exporting to single worksheet
3696500 Error opening or designing report in es-es culture: TableLayoutPanel cannot expand to contain the control, because the panel's GrowStyle property is set to FixedSize.
3701740 Microsoft Dynamics GP AA validation not working for blank CurrencyID in GL20000 table with GP2015