lsf, lsf- (Load or Unload Source File)

The lsf and lsf- commands load or unload a source file.

lsf Filename 
lsf- Filename


Specifies the file to load or unload. If this file is not located in the directory where the debugger was opened from, you must include an absolute or relative path. The file name must follow Microsoft Windows file name conventions.


Item Description
Modes User mode, kernel mode
Targets Live, crash dump
Platforms All


The lsf command loads a source file.

The lsf- command unloads a source file. You can use this command to unload files that you previously loaded with lsf or automatically loaded source files. You cannot use lsf- to unload files that were loaded through WinDbg's File | Open Source File command or files that a WinDbg workspace loaded.

In CDB or KD, you can view source files in the Debugger Command window. In WinDbg, source files are loaded as new Source windows.

For more information about source files, source paths, and other ways to load source files, see Source Path.

See also

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