Compare the clients: features

We're often asked how the different Remote Desktop clients compare to each other when connecting to Remote Desktop Services or remote PCs. The following table lists the features currently available in each of our clients.

Client features

The following table compares the features of each client.

Feature Windows (MSTSC) Remote Desktop app Android iOS macOS Web Description
Remote Desktop sessions X X X X X X Desktop of a remote computer presented in a full screen or windowed mode.
Integrated RemoteApp sessions X X Individual remote apps integrated into the local desktop as if they are running locally.
Immersive RemoteApp sessions X X X X Individual remote apps presented in a window or maximized to a full screen.
Multiple monitors 16 monitor limit 16 monitor limit Lets the user run Remote Desktop or remote apps on all local monitors.
Dynamic resolution X X X X Resolution and orientation of local monitors is dynamically reflected in the remote session. If the client is running in windowed mode, the remote desktop is resized dynamically to the size of the client window.
Smart sizing X X X Remote Desktop in Windowed mode is dynamically scaled to the window's size.
Localization X X English only X X Client user interface is available in multiple languages.
Multi-factor authentication X X X X X Supports multi-factor authentication for remote connections.

Other resources

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