show command (winget)

The show command of the winget tool displays details for the specified application, including details on the source of the application as well as the metadata associated with the application.

The show command only shows metadata that was submitted with the application. If the submitted application excludes some metadata, then the data will not be displayed.


The following aliases are available for this command:

  • view


winget show [[-q] \<query>] [\<options>]

show command


The following arguments are available.

Argument Description
-q,--query The query used to search for an application.


The query argument is positional. Wild-card style syntax is not supported. This is most often the string of characters you expect to help find the package you are searching for.


The following options are available.

Option Description
-m,--manifest The path to the manifest of the application to show.
--id Filter results by ID.
--name Filter results by name.
--moniker Filter results by application moniker.
-v,--version Use the specified version. The default is the latest version.
-s,--source Find the application using the specified source.
-e,--exact Find the application using exact match.
--scope Select install scope (user or machine).
-a,--architecture Select the architecture to show.
--installer-type Select the installer type to show. See supported installer types for WinGet client.
--locale Locale to use (BCP47 format).
--versions Show available versions of the application.
--header Optional Windows-Package-Manager REST source HTTP header.
--accept-source-agreements Used to accept the source license agreement, and avoid the prompt.
-?,--help Shows help about the selected command.
--wait Prompts the user to press any key before exiting.
--logs,--open-logs Open the default logs location.
--verbose, --verbose-logs Used to override the logging setting and create a verbose log.
--disable-interactivity Disable interactive prompts.

Multiple selections

If the query provided to winget does not result in a single application, then winget will display the results of the search. This will provide you with the additional data necessary to refine the search.

Results of show

If a single application is detected, the following data will be displayed.


Value Description
Version Version of the application.
Publisher Publisher of the application.
Moniker AppMoniker of the application.
Description Description of the application.
Homepage Homepage of the application.
License License of the application.
LicenseUrl The URL to the license file of the application.

Installer details

Value Description
Type The type of installer.
Download Url The Url of the installer.
SHA256 The Sha-256 of the installer.