Insights report

The Insights report in Partner Center highlights significant changes (increases or decreases in a specific metric) that we detected over the last 30 days in your acquisitions, health, and/or usage data. This lets you get a quick look at potentially important changes without having to view all of the charts in each of these reports.


Data in this report covers the last 30 days. You can't select a different time period for this report.

The report sorts data into three tabs: Acquisitions, Health, and Usage. To see insights for one of these areas, select its tab.

Insights are shown when we detect a significant change in your data. For each insight, we'll show the following:

  • Insight type: The area in which the insight was detected.
  • Value: The specific metric which changed significantly (or All if the change applies to the entire Insight type).
  • Date: The date on which we identified the change. This date represents the end of the week in which we detected a significant increase or decrease compared to the week before that.
  • Overall impact: The percentage that the value increased or decreased across your entire customer base. This helps you understand how widespread the impact of a particular change may be, especially when comparing it to percentage info shown in Top contributors.
  • Top contributors: If applicable, the specific segment, package, or other identifying factor to help understand which customers the change is related to. For example, a change may be detected primarily with customers from a specific market or on a certain device type. For Health data, this may include specific failure hashes or package versions. Where applicable, we'll also show the percentage that the value increased or decreased for that factor.
  • Action:
    • Select Show 14-day trend to view a chart showing how the metric changed over the entire 14 days leading up to the insight date.
    • Select Tell us if this is accurate to give us your feedback and let us know if the insights we've provided seem accurate. This feedback will help us to continue to improve the data we provide here.