Sign up or sign in to Microsoft Intune

This article tells system administrators how you can sign up for an Intune account.

Before you sign up for Intune, determine whether you already have a Microsoft Online Services account, Enterprise Agreement, or equivalent volume licensing agreement. A Microsoft volume licensing agreement or other Microsoft cloud services subscription like Microsoft 365 usually includes a work or school account.

If you already have a work or school account, sign in with that account and add Intune to your subscription. Otherwise, you can sign up for a new account to use Intune for your organization.


You can't combine an existing work or school account after you sign up for a new account.

How to sign up for Intune

  1. Visit the Intune Sign up page.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Intune Trial account sign up web page.

  2. On the Sign up page, sign in or sign up to manage a new subscription of Intune.

Post sign up considerations

After you sign up for a new subscription, you receive an email message that contains your account information at the email address that you provided during the sign up process. This email confirms your subscription is active.

After completing the sign up process, you're directed to the Microsoft 365 admin center to add users and assign them licenses. If you only have cloud-based accounts using your default domain name, then you can go ahead and add users and assign licenses at this point. However, if you plan to use your organization's custom domain name or synchronize user account information from on-premises Active Directory, then you can close that browser window.

Sign in to Microsoft Intune

Once you have signed up for Intune, you can use any device with a supported browser to sign in to the Microsoft Intune admin center to administer the service.

By default, your account must have one of the following permissions in Microsoft Entra ID:

  • Global Administrator
  • Intune Service Administrator (also known as Intune Administrator)

To grant access to administer the service for users with other permissions, see Role Based Access Control

Intune Admin portal URL

Microsoft Intune admin center:

Intune for Education:

URLs for Intune services provided by Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Business:

Microsoft 365 Mobile Device Management:

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