Learn how to read daily-rated usage reconciliation files in Partner Center

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

Appropriate roles: Billing admin | Global admin | Admin agent | Sales agent

This article explains how to read daily-rated usage reconciliation files.


You can retrieve your daily unbilled usage data through the API or the Partner Center portal. It might take up to 24 hours for this data to become available. However, it could take longer depending on where you are and when the usage gets reported.

There might be times when you can't see the latest unbilled usage until you get the billed usage for the previous month. This is to make sure you get your billed usage on time. Once you get your billed usage, you'll be able to see all the unbilled usage from the start of the month.


The following charges aren't included in the daily rated usage file (data):

  • Azure reservation
  • Azure savings plan
  • Office
  • Dynamics
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Perpetual software
  • Software subscription
  • Third-party SaaS product

Fields in daily-rated usage reconciliation file

Column Description
PartnerId CSP Partner identifier.
PartnerName Partner name.
CustomerId Customer identifier.
CustomerName Customer's organization.
CustomerDomainName Customer's domain name.
CustomerCountry Customer location.
MpnId Microsoft partner identifier.
Tier2MpnId Reseller on record. This field is optional in the unbilled usage data.
InvoiceNumber Invoice number.
ProductId Product identifier.
SkuId SKU identifier.
AvailabilityId Availability identifier
SkuName Name of the SKU.
ProductName Name of the product.
PublisherName Name of the publisher.
PublisherId Publisher identifier.
SubscriptionDescription Service offering name. (This is identical to OfferName).
SubscriptionId Subscription identifier in the Microsoft billing platform. Not used for reconciliation. This ID is different from the Subscription ID shown on the partner admin console.
ChargeStartDate Billing start date.
ChargeEndDate Billing end date. It could be the last day of the month or the first day of the next month. This date doesn't affect the charges, which are calculated based on the Usage Date.
UsageDate Date of service usage/consumption.
MeterType Type of the meter.
MeterCategory Top-level service for the usage.
MeterId Meter identifier.
MeterSubCategory Azure service type.
MeterName Name of the meter.
MeterRegion The location of the data center in the region.
Unit Unit used for charging.
ResourceLocation Data center where the meter is running.
ConsumedService Azure platform service used.
ResourceGroup Resource container.
ResourceURI URI of the resource.
ChargeType Reason for charging the amount.
UnitPrice Cost of each item from the price list at the time of purchase.
Quantity Number of units that you're billed for.
UnitType Unit used for charging.
BillingPreTaxTotal The cost before tax and after any PEC deduction.
BillingCurrency Partner billing/invoice currency.
PricingPreTaxTotal Total cost before tax in the pricing currency.
PricingCurrency Currency in the price list.
ServiceInfo1 Number of Service Bus connections.
ServiceInfo2 Legacy field for service-specific metadata.
Tags Logical organization of Azure resources set by the user.
AdditionalInfo Additional information.
EffectiveUnitPrice Final price for each unit after applying any discounts or adjustments.
PCToBCExchangeRate Exchange rate used to calculate the cost from the pricing currency.
PCToBCExchangeRateDate Date when the the exchange rate was calculated.
EntitlementId Azure subscription ID.
EntitlementDescription Azure subscription name.
PartnerEarnedCreditPercentage Partner earned credit (PEC) percentage. Either 0 or 15 percent.
CreditPercentage Percentage of charges covered by the credit.
CreditType Type of credit used for the usage. (e.g., Azure Credit Applied.
BenefitOrderId A unique ID for Azure savings plan, analogous to the reservation order ID for Azure reservations. This field is optional for other products.
BenefitId A unique ID for each savings plan on Azure. This field is optional for other products.
BenefitType An identifier indicating if this usage was covered by a savings plan. (e.g., SavingsPlan )