Configure lead management for Salesforce

This article describes how to set up your Salesforce system to process sales leads from your offers in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.


Azure Marketplace doesn't support prepopulated lists, such as a list of values for the Country field. Make sure there are no lists set up before you continue. Alternatively, you can configure an HTTPS endpoint or an Azure table to receive leads.

Set up your Salesforce system

  1. Sign in to Salesforce.

  2. Navigate to the Web-to-Lead settings.

    If you're using the Salesforce lightning experience:

    1. Select Setup on the Salesforce home page.

      Salesforce setup

    2. On the Setup page, go to Platform Tools > Feature Settings > Marketing > Web-to-Lead.

      Salesforce Web-to-Lead

    If you're using the Salesforce classic experience:

    1. Select Setup on the Salesforce home page.

      Salesforce classic setup

    2. On the Setup page, select Build > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead.

      Salesforce classic Web-to-Lead

    The remaining steps are the same for both Salesforce experiences.

  3. On the Web-to-Lead Setup page, select the Create Web-to-Lead Form button.

  4. On Web-to-Lead Setup, select Create a Web-to-Lead Form.

    Salesforce Web-to-Lead Setup

  5. On Create a Web-to-Lead Form, make sure the Include reCAPTCHA in HTML setting is cleared and select Generate.

    Salesforce Create a Web-to-Lead Form pane

  6. You'll be presented with some HTML text. Search for the text "oid" and copy the "oid" value from the HTML text (only the text in between quotation marks) and save it. You'll paste this value in the Organization Identifier field on the publishing portal.

    Salesforce Create a Web-to-Lead Form showing HTML oid value.

  7. Select Finished.

Configure your offer to send leads to Salesforce

When you're ready to configure the lead management information for your offer in the publishing portal, follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to Partner Center.

  2. Select your offer, and go to the Offer setup tab.

  3. Under the Customer leads section, select Connect.

    Customer leads

  4. On the Connection details pop-up window, select Salesforce for the Lead destination and paste the oid value from the Web-to-Lead Form you created into the Organization identifier field.

    Connection details pop-up window Validate Contact email box.

  5. Under Contact email, enter email addresses for people in your company who should receive email notifications when a new lead is received. You can provide multiple emails by separating them with a semicolon.

  6. Select OK.

To make sure you've successfully connected to a lead destination, select Validate. If successful, you'll have a test lead in the lead destination.

Connection lead validation


You must finish configuring the rest of the offer and publish it before you can receive leads for the offer.