Troubleshooting and support policy

Applies to: AKS enabled by Azure Arc on VMware (preview)

This article describes the AKS enabled by Azure Arc on VMware (preview) support policy and offers guidance on issues you might encounter.

Support policy

AKS on VMware is available in public preview and is free of charge. Be aware that the AKS on VMware preview is not recommended for production workloads. Use it with caution.

Preview Terms: "AKS on VMware" (the "Preview") is subject to the Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews. Previews are provided "as-is," "with all faults," and "as-available," and are excluded from the SLAs and all limited warranties provided by us. Previews may not be covered by customer support. We may change or discontinue previews at any time without notice. We also may choose not to release a preview into general availability.

File a bug, provide product feedback, and report security vulnerabilities

When evaluating AKS Arc on VMWare, follow this process if you encounter any undocumented bugs or have any feedback on the product:

  • Navigate to the issues section on the AKS Arc GitHub page.
  • Select New issue.
  • Begin with a "bug report" if you want to report undocumented bugs. Please provide a summary of symptoms, the error message, and the steps taken for our investigation.
  • If you have any feedback for the AKS Arc on VMware preview, start the report with feature request.
  • If you need to report a security vulnerability, follow the view policy instructions.

Next steps

AKS Arc on VMware known issues