Quickstart: Build and push container images of the Java Spring Boot app to Azure Container Registry

You can use this Quickstart to build container images of Java Spring Boot app and push it to Azure Container Registry using Maven and Jib. Maven and Jib are one way of using developer tooling to interact with an Azure container registry.


Create and build a Spring Boot application on Docker

The following steps walk you through building a containerized Java Spring Boot web application and testing it locally.

  1. From the command prompt, use the following command to clone the Spring Boot on Docker Getting Started sample project.

    git clone https://github.com/spring-guides/gs-spring-boot-docker.git
  2. Change directory to the complete project.

    cd gs-spring-boot-docker/complete
  3. Use Maven to build and run the sample app.

    mvn package spring-boot:run
  4. Test the web app by browsing to http://localhost:8080, or with the following curl command:

    curl http://localhost:8080

You should see the following message displayed: Hello Docker World

Create an Azure Container Registry using the Azure CLI

Next, you'll create an Azure resource group and your ACR using the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Azure account by using the following command:

    az login
  2. Specify the Azure subscription to use:

    az account set -s <subscription ID>
  3. Create a resource group for the Azure resources used in this tutorial. In the following command, be sure to replace the placeholders with your own resource name and a location such as eastus.

    az group create \
        --name=<your resource group name> \
  4. Create a private Azure container registry in the resource group, using the following command. Be sure to replace the placeholders with actual values. The tutorial pushes the sample app as a Docker image to this registry in later steps.

    az acr create \
        --resource-group <your resource group name> \
        --location <location> \
        --name <your registry name> \
        --sku Basic

Push your app to the container registry via Jib

Finally, you'll update your project configuration and use the command prompt to build and deploy your image.


To log in the Azure container registry that you just created, you will need to have the Docker daemon running. To install Docker on your machine, here is the official Docker documentation.

  1. Log in to your Azure Container Registry from the Azure CLI using the following command. Be sure to replace the placeholder with your own registry name.

    az config set defaults.acr=<your registry name>
    az acr login

    The az config command sets the default registry name to use with az acr commands.

  2. Navigate to the completed project directory for your Spring Boot application (for example, "C:\SpringBoot\gs-spring-boot-docker\complete" or "/users/robert/SpringBoot/gs-spring-boot-docker/complete"), and open the pom.xml file with a text editor.

  3. Update the <properties> collection in the pom.xml file with the following XML. Replace the placeholder with your registry name, and add a <jib-maven-plugin.version> property with value 2.2.0, or a newer version of the jib-maven-plugin.

       <docker.image.prefix><your registry name>.azurecr.io</docker.image.prefix>
  4. Update the <plugins> collection in the pom.xml file so that the <plugin> element contains and an entry for the jib-maven-plugin, as shown in the following example. Note that we are using a base image from the Microsoft Container Registry (MCR): mcr.microsoft.com/openjdk/jdk:11-ubuntu, which contains an officially supported JDK for Azure. For other MCR base images with officially supported JDKs, see Install the Microsoft Build of OpenJDK.

  5. Navigate to the complete project directory for your Spring Boot application and run the following command to build the image and push the image to the registry:

    az acr login && mvn compile jib:build


For security reasons, the credential created by az acr login is valid for 1 hour only. If you receive a 401 Unauthorized error, you can run the az acr login -n <your registry name> command again to reauthenticate.

Verify your container image

Congratulations! Now you have your containerized Java App build on Azure supported JDK pushed to your ACR. You can now test the image by deploying it to Azure App Service, or pulling it to local with command (replacing the placeholder):

docker pull <your registry name>.azurecr.io/gs-spring-boot-docker

Next steps

For other versions of the official Microsoft-supported Java base images, see:

To learn more about Spring and Azure, continue to the Spring on Azure documentation center.

Additional Resources

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