Experience a built-in Health Bot conversation

The Health Bot Service supports a few built-in scenarios: for example, triage a medical condition, or find information about a disease. In Addition, partner have a detailed configurability control over definitions of functionality and behavior of the service and have the ability to extend the functionality by authoring new scenarios.

Use your own bot instance

If you don't have yet an Azure Health Bot instance Create your first Azure Health Bot

You can use the Chat option from the Manegment Portal to try out some of the built in capabilities of your Health Bot

Use a demo chat

You can also use this demo instance demonstration health bot instance to try out some of the built in capabilities in real time.

Try it out !

Try using some of the following phrases with this health bot instance, or try out a few of your own:

  • I have headache / my head hurts

  • Information about diabetes

  • What are the symptoms of arthritis?

  • What are the causes of diabetes?

  • What type of doctor treats sciatica?

  • Complications of malaria

Note: Explore the language understanding of the Health Bot Service by typing partial questions or misspelled words.

Below are a few built-in Health Bot Service commands that may help you:

  • Help

    Shows what this health bot instance can do For example, type "help" in the query box, and the health bot instance will return:

    "Here are some things I can help you do..."

  • Cancel

    Stops the current scenario

  • Terms

    Shows terms of use and privacy statement

  • What do you know

    Shows what this health bot instance remembers about the end user

  • Forget me

    Prompts the health bot instance to delete the end user's data

  • Feedback

    Prompts the chat bot to give feedback to the host

  • Log

    Shows the end user's previous interactions with this health bot instance

To learn more details about built in commands see Health bot Service commands

Next steps

Now that you have learned about some of the built in experiences, Advance to the next article to learn how to extend the functionality by authoring new scenarios.

Author your first custom Health Bot scenario