What are solutions for running Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure Virtual Machines?

Applies to: ✔️ Linux VMs

This page describes the solutions for running Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) on Azure virtual machines. These solutions are jointly developed and supported by Oracle and Microsoft.

You can also run WLS on the Azure Kubernetes Service. The solutions to do so are described in this Microsoft article.

WLS is a leading Java application server running some of the most mission-critical enterprise Java applications across the globe. WLS forms the middleware foundation for the Oracle software suite. Oracle and Microsoft are committed to empowering WLS customers with choice and flexibility to run workloads on Azure as a leading cloud platform.

The Azure WLS solutions are aimed at making it as easy as possible to migrate your Java applications to Azure virtual machines. The solutions do so by generating deployed resources for most common cloud provisioning scenarios. The solutions automatically provision virtual network, storage, Java, WLS, and Linux resources. With minimal effort, WebLogic Server is installed. The solutions can set up security with a network security group, load balancing with Azure App Gateway or Oracle HTTP Server, authentication with Azure Active Directory, centralized logging using ELK and distributed caching with Oracle Coherence. You can also automatically connect to your existing database including Azure PostgreSQL, Azure SQL, and the Oracle Database on the Oracle Cloud or Azure.

You can use the Azure portal to deploy WebLogic Server on Azure

There are four offers available to meet different scenarios: single node without an admin server, single node with an admin server, cluster, and dynamic cluster. The offers are available free of charge. These offers are described and linked below. You can find detailed documentation on the offers here.

These offers are Bring-Your-Own-License. They assume you have already got the appropriate licenses with Oracle and are properly licensed to run offers in Azure.

The offers support a range of operating system, Java, and WLS versions through base images (such as WebLogic Server 14 and Java 11 on Oracle Linux 7.6). These base images are also available on Azure on their own. The base images are suitable for customers that require complex, customized Azure deployments. The current set of base images is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

If you prefer step-by-step guidance for going from zero to a full three-node WLS cluster with database and message queue on Windows or GNU/Linux Azure Virtual machines, see Install Oracle WebLogic Server on Azure Virtual Machines manually.

If you are interested in working closely on your migration scenarios with the engineering team developing these offers, select the CONTACT ME button on the marketplace offer overview page. Program managers, architects, and engineers will reach back out to you shortly and start close collaboration.

Oracle WebLogic Server Single Node

This offer provisions a single virtual machine and installs WLS on it. It does not create a domain or start the administration server. The single node offer is useful for scenarios with highly customized domain configuration.

Oracle WebLogic Server with Admin Server

This offer provisions a single virtual machine and installs WLS on it. It creates a domain and starts up the administration server. You can manage the domain and get started with application deployments right away.

Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster

This offer creates a highly available cluster of WLS virtual machines. The administration server and all managed servers are started by default. You can manage the cluster and get started with highly available applications right away.

Oracle WebLogic Server Dynamic Cluster

This offer creates a highly available and scalable dynamic cluster of WLS virtual machines. The administration server and all managed servers are started by default.

The solutions will enable a wide range of production-ready deployment architectures with relative ease. You can meet most migration cases in the most productive way possible by allowing a focus on business application development.

Complex WebLogic Server deployments are enabled on Azure

Beyond what is automatically provisioned by the solutions, customers have complete flexibility to customize their deployments further. It is likely on top of deploying applications customers will integrate further Azure resources with their deployments. Customers are encouraged to connect with the development team and provide feedback on further improving the solutions.

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