Fabric known issues

This page lists known issues for Fabric and Power BI features. Before submitting a Support request, review this list to see if the issue that you're experiencing is already known and being addressed. Known issues are also available as an interactive embedded Power BI report.

For service level outages or degradation notifications, check https://support.fabric.microsoft.com/.

Currently active known issues

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Issue ID Product experience Title Issues publish date
679 Power BI Copy visual as image for report and dashboard visuals is broken April 11, 2024
678 Administration & Management Git integrated workspaces incorrectly show status of Uncommitted April 11, 2024
670 Power BI Filled or bubble layers on Azure Maps visual doesn't render April 11, 2024
667 Power BI Upload reports from OneDrive or SharePoint fails April 1, 2024
665 Power BI Currency format is unavailable in web modeling April 1, 2024
664 Data Factory Creating or opening a Dataflow Gen2 dataflow shows endless spinner April 1, 2024
663 Data Factory Creating or opening a Dataflow Gen2 dataflow fails if capacity is inactive April 1, 2024
660 OneLake Exporting semantic model data to OneLake fails due to unicode characters March 28, 2024
658 Data Engineering PySpark import statements fail for .jar files installed through environment March 28, 2024
657 OneLake Cross-region internal shortcuts don't work with SQL analytics endpoints March 28, 2024
647 Data Engineering Library management updates with public python libraries time-out March 14, 2024
641 Power BI Visuals using the Denodo connector might show connection errors March 5, 2024
640 Power BI Microsoft Defender detects OpenSSL vulnerabilities in Power BI Desktop March 5, 2024
643 Data Engineering Tables not available to add in Power BI semantic model February 27, 2024
602 Power BI Dataflow Gen1 refresh fails in premium workspaces connecting to Azure Cosmos DB February 27, 2024
591 Data Factory Type mismatch when writing decimals and dates to lakehouse using a dataflow February 16, 2024
618 Data Warehouse Using an inactive SQL analytics endpoint can show old data February 14, 2024
616 OneLake Under-billing of OneLake storage for January 26 2024 February 14, 2024
611 OneLake OneLake storage isn't billed for paused capacities February 2, 2024
597 Data Factory Dataflow Gen1 admin switch affects Dataflow Gen2 November 6, 2023
592 Data Warehouse Relationships in the default semantic model get dropped January 8, 2024
581 Administration & Management Product switcher and creation process inadvertently show Fabric experiences December 15, 2023
563 Data Engineering Lakehouse doesn't recognize table names with special characters November 22, 2023
552 Power BI Autoscale not triggered by carry forward accumulated usage November 22, 2023
549 Data Warehouse Making model changes to a semantic model might not work November 15, 2023
530 Administration & Management Creating or updating Fabric items is blocked October 23, 2023
529 Data Warehouse Data warehouse with more than 20,000 tables fails to load October 23, 2023
526 Power BI Dataflow REST API returns more data sources and gateways than expected October 18, 2023
508 Data Warehouse User column incorrectly shows as System in Fabric capacity metrics app October 5, 2023
506 Data Warehouse InProgress status shows in Fabric capacity metrics app for completed queries October 5, 2023
596 Data Factory Refresh history reports in progress for some tables that failed August 24, 2023
461 Power BI A scheduled refresh of a semantic model intermittently hangs when connected to a dataflow July 27, 2023
454 Data Warehouse Warehouse's object explorer doesn't support case-sensitive object names July 10, 2023
447 Data Warehouse Temp tables in Data Warehouse and SQL analytics endpoint July 5, 2023
222 Power BI Search strings that include Japanese symbols don't return matches August 3, 2022

Recently closed known issues

Select the Title to view more information about that specific known issue. Known issues are organized in descending order by date. Fixed issues are removed after 46 days.

Issue ID Product experience Title Issues publish date Issue fixed date
642 Data Engineering Load Table public API response returns error March 5, 2024 Fixed: April 1, 2024
650 Data Factory ParquetSharpNative error in dataflow refresh using a gateway March 14, 2024 Fixed: March 20, 2024
624 Administration & Management Tighter throttling limit for GetDatasourcesAsAdmin Admin API February 14, 2024 Fixed: March 14, 2024
585 Data Activator Reflex item creation fails due to a token creation failure December 15, 2023 Fixed: February 27, 2024