Troubleshoot common issues with email in flows

Known limitations

For known limitations of the Send an email action, go to Office 365 Outlook: Known issues and limitations.

Frequently asked questions

I didn't get an email. Why?

  1. Confirm that your IT department has approved all Power Automate endpoints to allow it to send email to your email servers. These endpoints include IP addresses and domains.

  2. Double-check whether you have any Outlook rules that are moving the email to a different folder.

  3. Check whether you're using the Focused inbox feature. Check whether the email landed in another folder.

I didn't get an email, and the send an email action looks stuck in my flow.

If you're using the Mail connector, note that it has a limit of 100 API calls per 24 hours. Try the Office 365 Outlook connector, which has a limit of 300 API calls per 60 seconds instead, so you'll be less likely to hit the limit.

I have a cloud flow that is triggered when an email arrives in a folder. Will my flow trigger if I move email from one folder to another folder?

No. Your flow will be triggered only when a new email arrives.

I'm trying to send an email to all the approvers. I see an Apply to each action around the Send an email action, causing separate emails. I want to send an email to all of them.

Apply to each is added because there are multiple approvers. You can create a string variable (as opposed to an array) and store email addresses, separated by semicolons, in it.

I don't get an attachment for some of my approvals.

The Approval action attaches files to a notification email until the size of the email reaches 5 MB. If the attachments exceed 5 MB, the approval email directs the approver to check the attachments in the Power Automate approval center.

How do I increase the email attachment size limit for Power Automate?

A Microsoft Dataverse administrator can change the limit by going into Microsoft Dataverse > Email Configuration settings, and then setting the file size limit for attachments.

Power Automate stopped working - I get "Item ID doesn't belong to current mailbox" error in Power Automate when using actions with shared mailbox.

As of May 6, 2020, shared mailbox support was added for certain operations with an optional Mailbox address parameter, allowing you to specify a shared mailbox address for your operations to access. If you were using this operation prior to May 6, 2020, you'll need to explicitly update your operations to specify the shared mailbox address.

I see this error: "REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox".

This error can occur for accounts that are on a dedicated (on-premises) mail server when:

  1. The mailbox is on a dedicated Microsoft Exchange Server, or it isn't a valid Microsoft 365 mailbox.

  2. The mailbox is an account that isn't enabled.

  3. The mailbox isn't part of a Microsoft 365 plan that includes Power Automate.

To resolve the issue, go to "REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox" error for request to a mailbox.

Unable to send email with attachment error: "Parameter 'Attachment Content' cannot be null or empty."

Use expressions to encode the attachment with base64. The attachment will be recognized after you're done.

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