Power BI custom visuals

Power BI comes with core visuals readily available on the visualization pane. You can also import visuals from Microsoft AppSource or Power BI.

If none of these visuals meet your specific needs, you can create your own custom Power BI visual to be used by you, your organization, or the entire Power BI community.

Power BI visual packages

Power BI visuals are packaged in .pbiviz files that include code for rendering the data served to them. Anyone can create a custom visual and package it as a single .pbiviz file that can be imported into a Power BI report.

To import a Power BI visual from a file, see Import a visual file from your local computer into Power BI.

If you're a web developer interested in creating your own visual and adding it to AppSource, you can learn how to develop a Power BI circle card visual and publish a Power BI visual to AppSource.

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