Warranty and Service claim form instructions

The Warranty and Service claim form enables you to submit multiple claims in one service request for Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Hub, Microsoft HoloLens 2, and Microsoft Azure Kinect products.

When to use this form

Use the Warranty and Service Claim form when you have to submit a hardware warranty claim or request an adjustment to your warranty.

How to use the form

  1. Download the form and select Enable.
  2. Enter the product information:
    • Product

    • Product Version

    • Serial Number

      • Surface
        To locate the serial for your product, see Find the serial number on Surface devices.

      • Surface Hub 1

        • From the Surface Hub Operating System, go to: Start Icon > Settings > System > About.
        • The serial number label is located on the underside directly below the device control keypad.
      • Surface Hub 2

        • From the Surface Hub 2 Operating System, go to: Start Icon > Settings > System > About. Select the Surface app, and then select Your Surface.
        • The serial number label is on the bracket where the power cord connects to the device.
      • HoloLens 2

        • From the HoloLens 2 Operating System, go to Start Menu > Settings > System > About.
        • The serial number is located by flipping up the visor directly under the hinge.
      • Azure Kinect

        • In the Azure Kinect Viewer, open C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK\tools, type k4aviewer.exe, and then select Enter. Select the device to see the serial number.
        • The serial number is located on the lower-rear side of the device under the removable sleeve.
    • Accessories
      For accessory warranty claims:

      • Include the serial number from the device that the accessory is used with.
      • In-warranty accessory replacements require proof of purchase. To expedite the process, upload a copy of your proof of purchase with your form when you create the service request.
    • Reason for Replacement

      1. Select the reason for your replacement request. (If you are not requesting a replacement, leave the field blank.)
      2. If the issue for the warranty claim is not listed, leave the field blank.
      3. Troubleshooting may be requested before a Warranty Claim is processed.
      4. Provide the shipping information for each serial number, including the contact phone number and email address.
    • Warranty Adjustment

      1. If you request a warranty adjustment, provide a statement that outlines the request. Otherwise, leave this field blank.
      2. To expedite the process, upload the warranty or hardware proof of purchase together with your request.

Out-of-warranty service fees

Assisted Support Advocates will communicate out-of-warranty fees for Surface Hub, HoloLens, and Azure Kinect products.

For more information about out-of-warranty service fees, see How much does out-of-warranty service cost for your Surface device or accessory?

More information

For more information about service for Surface, see How to get service for Surface.

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