Fee and Payments

Q: Is there a fee to sign up?

A: No, there are no fees to list your services on TakeLessons.

Q: Do I offer the same rate for every student?

A: You are required to set a price for each of the subjects you teach. This is an indicative pricing for a student / parent before they interact with you. You can come to an agreement on the exact price with the student or parent directly as you customize or tailor your services for their needs.

Q: How will I get paid for the classes?

A: After you have negotiated the price, you and your student will determine the best way to receive payments.
All payments will be made directly to you as the tutor. TakeLessons will not have any insight into the payment terms negotiated nor can mediate any payments.

Q: Do I collect fees weekly, monthly, every two months?

A: Your fee collection will depend on the payment terms you have discussed with a student / parent. TakeLessons does not have any insight into these. However, as a best practice we suggest collecting fees at regular intervals, typically every two weeks or at the end of each month, if they are going to have recurring lessons.

Q: What if the student never pays?

A: Please be aware that payment is something you need to negotiate with the student.
TakeLessons does not mediate any payments.
We would suggest collecting payments at regular intervals to avoid such non-payment issues.

Q: What will be the payment criteria and fee structure? Do we have to discuss these with the students also? Should we lower the pricing on the profile after talking to them?

A: You have already mentioned your fee in your profile. The student who messages you has an idea of what you will be charging. Sometimes students might ask you for a discount, or for a bulk package. You can work that out mutually.

Q: Will students give money directly to the tutor or to TakeLessons? Do we have to share our account details with them?

A: As of now, we are providing our services on TakeLessons FREE of cost. We are not charging any fee to the tutor or to the student. You can collect payment directly from the students. Please discuss a payment schedule with your students as you engage in classes with them.

What benefit is TakeLessons getting from this?

A: TakeLessons services are FREE for now. We may introduce a small fee later as we deem fit. Until then, enjoy our services and leave us feedback to help us improve.