Setting Up Data Exchange

Before you can send and receive electronic documents or import and export bank files, you must set up the data exchange framework to process the involved files. In addition, you must set up related areas, such as the customers that you send electronic invoices to, or the AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals extension if you use the external service provider to convert your bank files. For more information, see Exchanging Data Electronically.

When Business Central is set up to exchange data with external files, users can use the setup in common business tasks, such as sending and receiving electronic documents and importing and exporting bank files.

The following table describes a sequence of tasks, with links to the topics that describe them.

To See
Set up the preconfigured document exchange service to enable sending and receiving electronic documents from and to Business Central. Set Up a Document Exchange Service
Set up the preconfigured OCR service to turn PDF or image files into electronic documents that can be converted to document records in Business Central Set Up Incoming Documents
Set up one of two preconfigured services for updated exchange rates to get the latest currency exchange rates into the Currencies page. Update Currency Exchange Rates
Set up various master data, such as company information, customers, vendors, items, and units of measurement, related to mapping data in Business Central Set Up Electronic Document Sending and Receiving
Set up a bank account, a vendor, and a payment journal for SEPA credit transfer. Set Up SEPA Credit Transfer
Prepare bank account formats, payment methods, and customer agreements for SEPA direct debit. Collect Payments with SEPA Direct Debit
Set up user authentication and the URL of the AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals extension provider that is required to have bank files converted to your bank’s format. Use the AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals extension
Set up and enable an external service that enables you to import bank statements directly as bank feeds. Set Up the Bank Statement Service
After the Bank Statement service is enabled, link bank accounts in Business Central Set Up Bank Accounts
Set up data export for Intrastat reporting in Business Central. Set Up Intrastat Reporting
Prepare to set up a new data exchange definition for a data file or stream by using the file’s XML schema to prefill the Column Definitions FastTab on the Posting Exchange Definition page. Use XML Schemas to Prepare Data Exchange Definitions
Set up the Data Exchange Framework to enable users to receive a new purchase document format, send a new sales document format, import a new bank file, or other data exchange. Set Up Data Exchange Definitions

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