Briefing email from Microsoft Viva FAQ


We've paused sending Briefing emails to make some improvements. Users can still access the Viva Insights Outlook add-in or Viva Insights app in Teams for key functionality until this service resumes. For more information about this change, refer to Briefing pause.

For IT admins

Who will get the email?

Everyone in your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 tenant that Exchange Online mailbox is set to a supported language will receive the email (if they have actionable tasks).

How can I manage who receives the email?

The Briefing email is on by default. You can use PowerShell to enable/disable the Briefing email for individual users. You can set the default opt-in or opt-out option at the tenant level in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Users can also individually opt out by selecting the Unsubscribe link at the end of the Briefing email.

Does the Briefing email comply with GDPR?

Yes, Microsoft complies with GDPR requirements when providing the Briefing email.

Can users see information about other users in the Briefing email?

The Briefing email only includes existing information that's already available in the user's mailbox. It summarizes documents, emails, and meetings to make it easier for the user to find what's most important for their day ahead. Users cannot see any new information about other users that wasn't already available in their mailboxes.

For Briefing users

Who does the email come from? 

The subject line is "Your daily briefing" and the sender is with a friendly name of "Microsoft Viva."

How does the Briefing email show up in Outlook?

The Briefing email is not a standard email. It's system-generated and does not go through the standard email delivery process. Instead, it's inserted directly into your Outlook inbox by Microsoft Viva. Briefing emails can't be managed by email rules or transport rules.

How often will I receive the email? 

Once per workday (as set in Outlook) when you have actions needed to prepare for a meeting or in response to an email. The email is not sent when you have no actionable items.

Can I change the time of day I get the Briefing?

Yes. See Settings for details.

If I have no tasks or meetings, will I still receive a Briefing email?

No, you will never be sent an empty email with no content.

How do I update my mailbox language setting?

To confirm or change the language setting for your Outlook mailbox, see Change the time zone and language settings in

Can I stop receiving these emails?

Yes. To stop receiving these emails, select Unsubscribe at the end of the email.

Can my manager, administrator, or anyone else at my organization see what's in my Briefing email?

No, the Briefing email is private and for you and only you. All information in the Briefing email is from your mailbox and stored in your mailbox. Everything you see in the Briefing email is information you already have access to in your mailbox. The Briefing email just makes it easier to find items that might need attention.

Why am I getting so many emails from Microsoft and how can I manage them?

You're getting emails from Microsoft Viva with the purpose of helping you be more productive during your workday. Viva Insights lets you explore your work patterns and learn ways to work smarter by providing you with personal productivity insights through biweekly digest emails, a dashboard, and an Insights Outlook add-in.

Briefing is optimized to show you the most relevant and actionable information that you need for the day ahead. It provides complementary experiences to help you be your most productive self. You only get Briefing emails at the beginning of your workday if you have actionable tasks or meetings. You can opt out with the Unsubscribe link at the end of the email.

How can I send Microsoft product feedback or ask a question about the Briefing email?

At the end of the email, select the Send feedback button.

How can I stay updated with the latest Viva Insights features and learn from peers who are using the tool for their organizational needs?

We encourage all Viva insights users to visit and register on the Viva Insights community. The community has:

  • Forums to connect with peers and discuss shared experiences.
  • Forums to contribute and receive support on common issues which are routinely reviewed by our team of experts.
  • Monthly blog posts to learn about new features and tools.
  • Spaces to share ideas and engage with the product development team.