How to change incorrect classification of PaladinVPN by Microsoft Defender? How to contact the team by email?

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We are writing to bring to your attention a matter regarding the classification of PaladinVPN by Microsoft Defender. We have noticed that PaladinVPN has been classified in a manner that we believe to be incorrect.

The details of this classification can be found in the post on GitHub [] and on the Microsoft website [!MSR].

Specifically, the mention of potential spam email transmission through the internet connection is addressed in the post, while we would like to clarify that our service rigorously blocks email ports to prevent any such misuse. PaladinVPN operates under a transparent business model, clearly explaining the reasons for its free nature both on our website and during the installation process. Users provide their consent to our terms.

We are puzzled by the discrepancy in treatment between PaladinVPN and similar free VPN services like,, and, which have not been flagged by Defender. We would appreciate clarification on this matter.

Furthermore, we are more than willing to provide the Defender Team with access to PaladinVPN's source code to assure them that there are no hidden activities or malicious intent.

Additionally, in the event of any complaints regarding unlawful or malicious activities, we are fully committed to collaborating with law enforcement or your team to resolve any issues.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Best regards,

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