Sample: Azure aware custom workflow activity

This sample obtains the data context from the current operation and posts it to the Azure Service Bus.You can download the sample from here.


You must configure Microsoft Dataverse to connect with Azure before registering and executing this sample custom workflow activity. More information: Configure Microsoft Azure Integration with Dataverse.

Notice the Input id required argument in the code. When you add this activity to a workflow, you must provide the GUID of a Azure service endpoint.

When registering this custom workflow activity with Dataverse, you must register it in the sandbox (partial trust).

How to run samples

  1. Download or clone the Samples repo so that you have a local copy.
  2. Register the workflow activity.

What this sample does

This sample shows how to write a custom workflow activity that can post the data context from the current Dataverse operation to the Azure Service Bus. The posting of the data context is done through the Execute(EntityReference, IExecutionContext) method.