Backwards compatibility for the Enterprise New tab page

This article describes the change to the New tab page and how users can be backwards compatible with Microsoft Edge version 87 and earlier.


This article applies to Microsoft Edge version 87 or later.

Information feeds from single endpoint

The new version of the Enterprise New tab page combines compliant Microsoft 365 content with industry relevant and compliant information feeds that are served via the endpoint.


Office 365 content was originally served using the domain.

If access to the domain is restricted for your organization, we strongly recommend giving users access to this

If you need more time to enable access to the MSN domain, we recommend using the NewTabPageSetFeedType, that lets you choose either the Microsoft News or Office 365 feed experience for the new tab page.

Keep using

You can configure the NewTabPageSetFeedType policy to keep using the deprecated domain.


The NewTabPageSetFeedType policy and the domain that serves Office 365 content will quit working when Microsoft Edge version 90 is released.

The following policy settings will force the Enterprise New tab page to render Office document content from the domain.

  • Set the policy as Mandatory.
  • Set the value of the policy mapping to Office (1) = Office 365 feed experience.

If the switch to the isn't possible, reach out and send us feedback. Another option is to configure the NewTabPageLocation so it points to an endpoint URL that's allowed by your organization.


The NewTabPageLocation policy has precedence if the NewTabPageSetFeedType policy is also configured.

Enterprise users will now get Microsoft news content via My Feed

The Enterprise New tab page will offer industry relevant information in My Feed and Office 365 content in a single view for users signed in with their Microsoft Entra account. For users signed in with Microsoft Entra who selected the Microsoft News option in the settings flyout, their new tab page view will be replaced with My Feed content. When they open a new tab page in the browser it will look like the example in the next screenshot.

New tab page showing content from My Feed.


Users who aren't signed in with Microsoft Entra ID will continue to see the MSN News feed when they open a new tab.

Page layout

With the changes to the New tab page, the Page layout no longer has to control two specific content types (Office 365 and Microsoft News), so the content toggle isn't available. The next screenshot shows the flyout for the Page layout.

Page layout view for New tab page.

If you want to keep accessing Microsoft News content that isn't tied to your organization, you must use a different browser profile. Go to edge://settings/profiles and sign out of your Microsoft Entra profile. This action will bring up the standard view for the Enterprise new tab page.

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