Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud based messaging platform that delivers email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Users connect to Exchange Online using apps like Outlook, Outlook on the web, or Outlook mobile app to access email and collaboration functionality, including shared mailboxes, shared calendars and global address lists.

Exchange is included when you sign up for Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 for enterprise subscriptions. You can also buy standalone Exchange Online plans for your organization. For a full list of subscription options for Exchange, see the Exchange Online service descriptions.

Manage Exchange Online

As an administrator for your organization, you manage Exchange using both the Microsoft 365 admin center and the Exchange admin center (EAC). Use the Microsoft 365 admin center for user, group, and resource management tasks. Use the EAC for more specific tasks related to Exchange line mail flow, migration, and mobile devices. Learn more at Exchange admin center.

To access EAC:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 using your work or school account that has administrator rights.
  2. In the Microsoft 365 admin center navigation, choose ...Show all* to see the full list.
  3. Under Admin centers*, choose Exchange.

You can also access EAC directly at

EAC access requires the Exchange administrator role. For more information about assigning administrator roles, see Assign admin roles in the Microsoft 365 admin center.


When you assign someone to the Exchange administrator role, we recommend also assigning them to the Service Support administrator role. This way they can see important information in the Microsoft 365 admin center, such as the health of the Exchange service, as well as change and release notifications.