Your Responsibilities for Office 365 US Government

You have the following responsibilities during onboarding.


  • Develop and implement your success plan.
  • Provide any enhancements and integrations to your Office 365 tenant beyond the configurable options listed here.
  • Provide overall program and project management, including:
    • Assigning a project manager as the primary contact for the FastTrack Manager.
    • Assigning a technical lead as the primary contact for the FastTrack Engineer.
    • Assigning technical resources to perform remediation, configuration, and enablement tasks as outlined by the FastTrack team.
  • Provide resources accountable for driving end user adoption of the service.
  • Provide end-user communications, documentation, training, and change management.
  • Identify and engage appropriate business sponsors.
  • Provide helpdesk documentation and training.
  • Produce any reports, presentations, or meeting minutes that are specific to your organization.
  • Create architectural and technical documentation specific to your organization.
  • Design, procure, install, and configure hardware and networking.
  • Procure, install, and configure software.
  • Configure, package, and distribute client software required for Office 365.
  • Manage, configure, and apply security policies.
  • Activate mobile devices.
  • Provide network configuration, analysis, bandwidth validation, testing, and monitoring.
  • Alter firewall rules to support the specific URLs and IP address ranges used by Office 365 services (if required).
  • Provide on-premises reverse proxy endpoints to Microsoft (if required).
  • Alter the network to provide necessary bandwidth for Skype for Business Online services.
  • Manage a technical change management approval process and create supporting documentation.
  • Specify and define group policies for user, workstation, and server management.
  • Modify your operational model and operation guides.
  • Set up multi-factor authentication.
  • Decommission and remove source environments (like messaging and collaboration).


    Ensure that all wanted data is migrated prior to decommission and the removal of your source environment.

  • Construct and maintain your test environment.
  • Install Lync 2013 or Skype for Business Online 2015 admin tools and service packs to support split domain configuration.
  • Install service packs and other required updates on infrastructure servers.
  • Provide and configure any public Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.

Initiate phase

  • Set up collaborative Microsoft Teams space for onboarding partnership and invite FastTrack Center team members (not available in GCC High or DoD plans).
  • Work with FastTrack Specialists to begin onboarding of eligible services.
  • Participate in the engagement kickoff meeting, manage and lead participants from your organization, and confirm remediation timelines.
  • Provide your objectives for Office 365 services (for example, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Apps) and organizational goals.

Assess phase

  • Identify appropriate stakeholders (including a project manager and business owners) to complete the necessary assessment activities.
  • Participate in the meetings to create the remediation checklist, and contribute to the overall plan, including infrastructure, network, administration, directory synchronization preparation, network security, and federated identity topics.
  • Participate in the meetings to outline the user-provisioning approach.
  • Participate in the meetings to plan online service configuration.
  • Create support plan for migration readiness.
  • Participate in the success planning call to outline:
    • The right stakeholders for the engagement.
    • Scenarios to fit the needs and goals across your organization.
    • An organizational awareness and training plan.

Remediate phase

  • Perform required steps to complete remediation activities identified in the Assess phase.
  • Participate in checkpoint meetings and:
    • Define business scenarios.
    • Define and engage stakeholders.
    • Build an awareness plan.
    • Build a training plan.

Enable phase

  • Work with FastTrack Specialists to complete onboarding of all eligible services and:
    • Implement an awareness plan.
    • Implement a training plan.
    • Provide success planning progress and determine areas where you need guidance.
  • Provide FastTrack Specialists with access and permissions (if you choose to have Microsoft perform migration tasks).
  • Procure and provide administrative accounts to target environments as appropriate (if you choose to have Microsoft perform migration activities).
  • Manage resources as appropriate.
  • Configure network-related items per Microsoft guidance.
  • Configure DNS records based on domain validation requirements to include your MX records.
  • Perform directory readiness and configure directory synchronization per Microsoft guidance.
  • Populate on-premises Active Directory objects with mail-related attribute values from third-party directories.
  • Configure security-related infrastructure (like firewall ports) per Microsoft guidance.
  • Implement appropriate client infrastructure.
  • Implement a user-provisioning approach per Microsoft guidance.
  • Enable various services per Microsoft guidance.
  • Get an Apple ID if you're configuring Mobile Device Management (MDM).
  • Update your Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) certificate.