Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report

Meeting organizers can view and download a meeting attendance report. Find this report in the Participants pane of the meeting, by clicking the download arrow as shown below. You can download the report as a .CSV file (text format).

Control for downloading meeting attendance reports in Microsoft Teams.

For education tenants, this report is useful to track student attendance in online classes. For example, the teacher can download the attendance report at the start of class as a simple way to do a "roll call." To learn more, read Download attendance reports in Teams.

Configure the Teams meeting attendance report

This is a per-user policy. This setting controls whether meeting organizers can download the engagement report for a meeting or webinar.

This policy is on by default and allows your organizers to see who registered and attended the meetings and webinars they set up.

To turn the engagement report on or off

  1. In the Teams admin center, expand Meetings.
  2. Select Meeting policies.
  3. Select the policy that you want to update.
  4. Under Meeting scheduling, set Engagement report to On or Off.

When this policy is enabled, the option to download the meeting engagement report is displayed in the Participants pane in the meeting.