Teams PowerShell Module - Supported Versions

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module (TPM) versions in the 4.x.x series or later are the only versions supported now. All earlier versions are fully retired.

It’s recommended to update to the latest Teams PowerShell Module version.

Important notes

  • Release notes for all the Teams PowerShell Module versions can be found at Teams PowerShell release notes.

  • To update any PowerShell module, you should use the same method used to install the module. For example, if you originally used Install-Module, then you should use Update-Module to get the latest version.

    Update-Module MicrosoftTeams
  • If updating from Teams PowerShell Module version 1.1.6, update your scripts to use Connect-MicrosoftTeams instead of New-CsOnlineSession.

  • During the update, it's suggested to not use TPM 4.x.x/3.x.x alongside versions earlier than 3.0.0. For example, using versions 4.x.x & 2.6.0 together for different admin operations in the same organization isn't recommended.

  • Related changes

    • Updates to Get-CsOnlineUser & Get-CsOnlineVoiceUser in TPM 3.x.x and later – more details in Get-CsOnlineUser & Get-CsOnlineVoiceUser (Message center post – MC340774/MC511150).

    • Changes coming to Phone number assignment - more details in Set-CsUser, Set-CsOnlineVoiceUser, Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance & Set-CsOnlineVoiceApplicationInstance (Message center post – MC316139).

    • Parameter changes in Get-CsTenant - more details in Get-CsTenant (Message center post – MC365397).

    • If your scripts use New/Set of Policy or Configuration cmdlets with PSListModifier type parameters, it’s recommended to use the latest version (4.2.0 or later). Message center post for reference - MC397428.

    • [New|Get]-CsCloudCallDataConnection cmdlets are now supported from versions 4.6.0 or later (Message center post - MC408993).

    • [New|Remove]-CsHybridTelephoneNumber cmdlets are now supported from versions 4.5.0 or later in GCC High and DoD environments.

  • While using TPM 4.x.x or later, it's recommended to not use any of the deprecated or unsupported cmdlets mentioned below.

Deprecated cmdlets

Teams PowerShell release notes

Install Microsoft Teams PowerShell

Manage Teams with Teams PowerShell

Microsoft Teams cmdlet reference

Skype for Business cmdlet reference