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Known issues with Teams Rooms on Android

Issues affecting multiple devices

Issue Description Workaround
Teams on Android devices experience a delay with signing in after a user signs out. You sign out of a Teams on Android device either manually or from the Microsoft Teams admin center. When you try to sign in again immediately, there's a delay. This delay is because the authentication code takes 15 minutes or longer to refresh after a device signs out.

This issue occurs on all Teams on Android devices, including those devices that are running version 5.0.6061.0 of the Company portal app.
Restart the affected device to force the code to refresh.

Issues with Teams phones

Issue Description Workaround
Sign in loops or fails for Teams on Android phones You can't sign in or the sign-in continually loops when both the MFA and the Terms of Use (ToU) Conditional Access (CA) policies are used. The combination of MFA CA and ToU CA isn't supported. You should exclude it from being used.

To avoid the sign-in error, ensure that only the MFA CA or only the Mobile Device Management (MDM) CA is used. When only the MFA CA is used, make sure that it is enabled in Device Registration Services (DRS). For more information, see Conditional Access: Cloud apps, actions, and authentication context.
Can't add, delete, or edit contacts on Android phones You can't perform the add, delete, and edit operations on contacts from Teams on Android phones. Use either the Teams desktop or the Teams web client to perform these actions.
Signed out of Teams on Android devices Teams Rooms on Android, Teams phone devices, Teams panels, and Teams displays are signed out of Teams automatically. Follow the instructions provided in Signed out of Teams on Android devices.
Can't resume a call after using Consult first option on Teams phones After using the Consult first option in the Transfer menu when you select the Resume option to resume the call, the call fails. End the call made by using the Consult first option and then resume the original call.
Calls on long hold in GCC High tenants drop intermittently On GCC High tenants that are running 2022 update #4A (Teams app version 1449/, when a user puts a call on long hold the call drops in some instances. This issue doesn't occur on other clouds. No workaround is available at this time.
In Better together mode, the Mute setting on Teams phones doesn't seem to work during a screen share with audio On Teams phones that use the Better together feature, when you share a screen and enable the Include computer sound option during a Teams meeting, the audio from the phones that are muted is still heard.

If you toggle the Unmute and Mute options a few times, the audio output that is coming from both from the desktop client and the Teams phones results in howling.
No workaround is available at this time.


  • Teams Rooms doesn't support High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) input. Using HDCP input might cause issues that affect High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ingest functionality, such as video and audio. To avoid these issues, make sure that the HDCP options are turned off for switches that are connected to Teams Rooms.

  • Teams Rooms on Android doesn't support the ability to join cross-cloud meetings.

  • When you use the Call app on a Teams Rooms device to dial the toll number or conference ID for a Teams meeting, the conference bridge triggers multiple call flows. Because the Teams Rooms app is designed to support only one active call at a time, the call fails.

    Instead of using the Call app, join the meeting by using the Join with an ID option and entering the meeting ID.

  • If you're in a call with another user who is on a Teams Rooms device, you can't transfer the call. This is because the Teams Rooms app is designed to support only one call at a time.

Support for third-party Teams devices

For issues with Teams devices offered by third-party providers, contact their individual sites for support:

Third-party contact disclaimer

Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.