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Install and manage apps for SharePoint Server

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Apps for SharePoint provide a method to deliver specific information or functionality to a SharePoint site. An app for SharePoint is a small, stand-alone app that solves a specific end-user or business need. Site owners can discover and download apps for SharePoint from a public SharePoint Store or from their organization's internal App Catalog and install them on their SharePoint sites. Unlike features and solutions, which farm or site collection administrators have to install, apps for SharePoint are stand-alone applications that owners of sites can add to their SharePoint sites. The apps for SharePoint have a simple lifecycle - they can be installed, upgraded, and uninstalled by site owners.

Microsoft hosts the public SharePoint Store, where developers can publish and sell their custom apps for SharePoint.

Company-developed and approved apps can also be deployed to an organization's internal App Catalog. This controls the visibility of apps within organizations.

If an app contains SharePoint components, those components are stored in a subweb of the site that is automatically created when you install the app. If the app is Provider-hosted the app components are stored in those locations.

Resources for apps for SharePoint

Use the following articles to plan, configure, and maintain apps in your SharePoint environment.

** Building blocks Content** Description
Plan for apps for SharePoint Server
Understand what you need to plan for before you support apps for SharePoint.
Configure an environment for apps for SharePoint Server
Follow these steps to configure your environment to support apps for SharePoint.
Manage the App Catalog in SharePoint Server
Follow these steps to configure and manage the App Catalog and configure SharePoint Store rules.
Add apps for SharePoint to a SharePoint site
Learn how to install an app for SharePoint from the App Catalog or SharePoint Store.
Remove app for SharePoint instances from a SharePoint site
Learn how to remove an app for SharePoint from a site collection.
Monitor apps for SharePoint for SharePoint Server
Follow these steps to specify which apps for SharePoint to monitor, and then monitor the apps.
Monitor and manage app licenses in SharePoint Server
Learn how SharePoint farm administrators assign, monitor, and manage the app for SharePoint licenses in SharePoint Server.

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