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Microsoft Identity Manager in SharePoint Server

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When it comes to User Profile synchronization, there are more options in SharePoint Server 2016 than previous versions.


The options available in SharePoint 2016 (not just pertaining to User Profile synchronization) are also available in SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Subscription Edition (SE).

The articles in this section provide information on MIM and how to use it in SharePoint Server 2016.

Articles relating to MIM in SharePoint Server

Content Description
Installing Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)
Learn about Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and how it's used for importing user profile information in SharePoint Server.
Use a sample MIM solution in SharePoint Servers
How to configure SharePoint Server 2016 profile synchronization with Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM).
Overview of Microsoft Identity Manager Synchronization Service in SharePoint Servers
Learn about the MIM Synchronization service that is used in a SharePoint Server farm.
Deployment considerations for implementing Microsoft Identity Manager with SharePoint Servers
Learn about deployment considerations of a Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) deployment in a SharePoint Server farm.