Step 4: Choose your communication solution

Now that you understand the communication tools available and how to determine your audience’s profile, you are ready to select a scenario and learn more about the technical requirements, options for set-up, and how to start planning with your communications team.

Icon Scenario Goal Requirements Optional apps and tools
Icon of two people talking. Use Viva Connections Create personalized employee experiences using Viva Connections and different Viva modules in Teams.

Learn more about Viva Connections.
Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, SharePoint home site, Global navigation enabled, Viva Connections Viva Engage, Viva Learning, Viva Insights, Topics
Icon of a house. Get a home site for your intranet Take your intranet to the next level by creating a home site that expands the search experiences, prioritizes organizational news, and enables Viva Connections integration.

Learn more about SharePoint home sites.
SharePoint Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage, Stream
Icon of a mega phone. Hold a town hall Bring large portions, or your entire organization, together to share essential information and resources through live or pre-recorded events.

Learn more about town halls.
Microsoft Teams and/or Viva Engage SharePoint, Stream
Icon of a newspaper. Distribute organizational news Use SharePoint news to create engaging news post that can be shared in across SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, and Viva Engage.

Learn more about organizational news.
SharePoint Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage, Outlook
Icon of a networking. Leadership connection Connect leadership teams with the rest of the organization by establishing new communication channels, events, and networking opportunities.

Learn more about leadership connection.
SharePoint, Viva Engage and/or Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams, Viva Engage, Outlook, Stream
Icon of a location symbol. New employee onboarding Welcome and orient new employees by providing a landing place to learn more about the organization, training opportunities, and where to find support.

Learn more about new employee onboarding.
SharePoint, Viva Engage and/or Microsoft Teams Outlook, Stream
Icon of a lightbulb. Build a training and learning experience Learn how to build a training and learning experience that will keep employees and team members up to date with important skills and proficiencies required for professional success.

Learn more about learning and training.
SharePoint, Viva Learning, and Teams Outlook, Viva Engage

Get started planning for your scenario

Many communication solutions will follow a similar path to get started – plan, build, and launch. Follow best practices and considerations to ensure your communication solution meets your organization’s goals.

Stage Tasks
Plan - Check licensing requirements and prepare your Microsoft 365 tenant environment
- Understand the needs of your audience and determine the audience profile
- Align with key stakeholders and partners
- Consider multilingual and accessibility needs
Build - Use SharePoint and Microsoft Teams templates to save time
- Check SharePoint site and page performance where applicable
- Recruit help moderating the conversation or Q&A where needed
- Plan the communication’s launch
Launch - Make the communication method known through various channels
- Ensure one-time communications can be accessed by the entire organization
- Review engagement metrics

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