Deploy OneDrive apps by using Intune

If you're a global admin or assigned a role in Intune that gives you the necessary permissions, you can use Intune to deploy OneDrive apps. Before you begin deploying, make sure you review the planning information and deployment options in the Plan file sync for SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365.

Deploy the OneDrive app for iOS or Android

To deploy apps in Intune, you use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. For the steps to deploy apps to iOS devices, see Add iOS store apps to Microsoft Intune. For the steps to deploy apps to Android devices, see Add Android store apps to Microsoft Intune. Use as the Appstore URL. For info about assigning apps to groups, see Assign apps to groups with Microsoft Intune.

Deploy the OneDrive sync app to Windows 10 devices

Although the sync app comes with Windows 10, you might choose to switch to per-machine installation.

For info about configuring sync app settings using Intune, see Use administrative templates in Intune.