Content databases contain orphaned items (SharePoint Server)

APPLIES TO: yes-img-132013 yes-img-162016 yes-img-192019 yes-img-seSubscription Edition no-img-sopSharePoint in Microsoft 365

Rule Name: Content databases contain orphaned items.

Summary: The SharePoint Health Analyzer has detected some sites in a content databases that are not referenced in the configuration database. These sites may not be accessible.

Cause: A restore operation that was not completed can result in sites in a content database that are not referenced in the SharePoint configuration database.

Resolution: Decrease the number of days to store log files

  1. Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group.

  2. On the SharePoint Central Administration website, click Monitoring, in the Health Analyzer section, click Review problems and solutions.

  3. On the Review problems and solutions page, click the alert for the failing rule, and then click Fix Now. Keep the dialog open so you can run the rule again to confirm the resolution.


    The Fix Now feature removes all orphans from the content database.

  4. After following the steps in the Remedy section, in the Review problems and solutions dialog for the alert, click Re-analyze Now to confirm the resolution. If the problem is resolved, the rule is not flagged as a failing rule on the Review problems and solutions page.