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Database has large amounts of unused space (SharePoint Server)

APPLIES TO: yes-img-132013 no-img-162016 no-img-192019 no-img-seSubscription Edition no-img-sopSharePoint in Microsoft 365


This health analyzer rule only applies to SharePoint 2010 as this was removed in KB4011601 for SharePoint Server 2013 and KB4011576 for SharePoint Server 2016.

Rule Name: Database has large amounts of unused space.

Summary: The database has large amounts of unused space allocated on the disk. This database uses a large amount of space on the file system unless it's shrunk down to a small size. This event occurs if the unused space is more than 20% of the disk space and the unused space is greater than the autogrowth size plus 50 megabytes (MB).

Cause: Many activities can create unused space in the database. These activities include running the Windows PowerShell Move-SPSite command, and deleting documents, document libraries, lists, list items, and sites.

Resolution: Ignore this event, or shrink the database if you have to.

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