Missing server side dependencies (SharePoint Server)

APPLIES TO: yes-img-132013 yes-img-162016 yes-img-192019 yes-img-seSubscription Edition no-img-sopSharePoint in Microsoft 365

Rule Name: Missing server side dependencies.

Summary: When you first deploy SharePoint Server 2016 this rule can generate false errors. To resolve this, update to the August 2016 PU release.

Typically when you see this rule, it states that some Search service web parts are missing. If this is the case then you can ignore this message.

Cause: This rule typically occurs when you have deployed the Search service in a SharePoint Server farm.

Resolution: Reference the following Microsoft documentation

  1. For more information, see SharePoint 2013 Health Analyzer: Missing Server Side Dependencies.

  2. For more information on cleanup of missing server side dependencies, see Video: Cleanup of databases after upgrade procedure.

  3. For additional information, see "Missing Server Side Dependencies" error message in health analyzer in the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 central administration site.