Search technical reference for SharePoint Server

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The following articles provide technical reference information for search in SharePoint Server.


The following articles about default crawled file extensions and parsed file types, default crawled and managed properties, default connectors, linguistics features per language for search in SharePoint Server and query variables are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.

  Content Description
Default crawled file name extensions and parsed file types in SharePoint Server
Learn which file name extensions are crawled by default and which file formats are parsed by default.
Linguistic search features in SharePoint Server
Learn which linguistic features SharePoint Server uses for which languages during search.
Overview of crawled and managed properties in SharePoint Server
Get an overview of the default mapping between crawled and managed properties.
Default connectors in SharePoint Server
Learn which connectors are installed by default in SharePoint Server.
Query variables in SharePoint Server
Learn about the query variables that can be used when you configure a query.
Result types and display templates that are used to display search results in SharePoint Server
Result types and display templates help users quickly distinguish between different types of search results . Learn about the default result types and display templates, and how they are connected.