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The Visio Graphics Service has a maximum cache size setting that may adversely impact performance ((SharePoint Server)

APPLIES TO: yes-img-132013 yes-img-162016 yes-img-192019 yes-img-seSubscription Edition no-img-sopSharePoint in Microsoft 365

Rule Name: The Visio Graphics Service has a Maximum Cache Size setting that will adversely impact performance

Summary: The Visio Graphics Service has a maximum Cache size setting that will adversely affect performance. If the Maximum Cache Size setting is smaller than 1024 MB, it might decrease the expected performance of the Visio Graphics Service.

Cause: The Maximum Cache Size setting was set smaller than 1024 MB.

Resolution: Increase the value of the Maximum Cache Size setting

  1. Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is an administrator of the Visio Graphics Service service application.

  2. In Central Administration, on the Home page, in the Application Management section, click Manage service applications.

  3. On the Service Applications page, click the Visio Graphics service application.

  4. On the Manage the Visio Graphics Service page, click Global Settings.

  5. Ensure that the settings have the values that are listed in the following table. If they do not, type the value in the corresponding text box and click OK.

Setting Value
Maximum Web Drawing Size
<= 25 (Megabytes)
Minimum Cache Age
>= 5 (Minutes)
Maximum Cache Age
<= 60 (Minutes)
Maximum Recalc Duration
<= 60 (Seconds)
Maximum Cache Size
>= 5120 (Megabytes)