Upgrade site collections to SharePoint 2013

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The following downloadable resources, articles, video recordings, and related resources provide information about upgrading site collections to SharePoint 2013.

Downloadable resources how to upgrade site collections

Download the following content for information about how to upgrade site collections.

Content Description
SharePoint 2013 Products Preview - Upgrade Process model
Describes the steps in the process for a database-attach upgrade.

Articles about how to upgrade site collections

Content Description
Run site collection health checks in SharePoint 2013
Run the site collection health checks to verify your site is running well. Check each site before you upgrade to SharePoint 2013.
Upgrade a site collection to SharePoint 2013
Site collection administrators can preview a copy of their sites in SharePoint 2013 mode, and then upgrade their sites.
Review site collections upgraded to SharePoint 2013
Review site collections after you have upgraded them to SharePoint 2013.
Manage site collection upgrades to SharePoint 2013
Farm administrators manage the upgrade queue and throttling settings and upgrade site collections to SharePoint 2013.

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