Customer Identity Management with Azure AD B2C

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C is a cloud identity management service that enables your applications to authenticate your customers. This white-label service is customizable, scalable, and reliable, and can be used on iOS, Android, and .NET, or any other platform.

In this episode, Parakh Jain (@jainparakh) from the Azure AD B2C team joins Rich to give us an overview of how the service works, and also show how we can quickly connect B2C to an ASP.NET Core application.

  • [01:01] - What is Azure AD B2C?
  • [04:13] - Azure AD B2C compared to Azure AD
  • [05:26] - What's the sign-in workflow?
  • [06:43] - Available identity providers
  • [08:36] - Connecting an ASP.NET Core  app to B2C
  • [17:45] - What's the pricing model?

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