Adaptive Cards for Windows Developers


The first Windows experience to supports Adaptive Cards is Timeline, a brand new experience first introduced in Windows 10 1803.


UserActivity API

The Windows.ApplicationModel.UserActivities.UserActivity API is what populates an Activity into Timeline.

The Adaptive Card will be supplied via the Content property of VisualElement, as seen below:

UserActivity userActivity = await channel.GetOrCreateUserActivityAsync(activityId, new HostName(""));
userActivity.ActivationUri = new Uri("rss-reader:article?" + article.Link);
userActivity.DisplayText = article.Title; //used for details tile text
userActivity.VisualElements.Content = AdaptiveCardBuilder.CreateAdaptiveCardFromJson(jsonString);
await userActivity.SaveAsync();

Learning Module

There is a great 45-min learn module that covers these steps end-to-end.

Integrate adaptive cards into Windows 10 Timeline

Learn more

This session at Build 2017 covers User Activities in detail.

Other Windows Surfaces

We don't have anything to share just yet, but we're working on incorporating Adaptive Cards into more Windows experiences.

Dive in!

We've barely scratched the surface in this tutorial, so check back soon and browse the links below to explore more about Adaptive Cards.