Getting started - .NET WPF

As we described in Getting Started page, an Adaptive Card is a JSON-serialized card object model. This library makes it easy to render that JSON into WPF UI that you can use within your app.

NuGet install

Nuget install

Install-Package AdaptiveCards.Rendering.Wpf

Xceed enhanced input package

This optional package enhances the Adaptive Card Input controls beyond what WPF provides out of the box. It has a dependency on Extended.Wpf.Toolkit

Nuget install

Install-Package AdaptiveCards.Rendering.Wpf.Xceed

WPF Visualizer Sample

Visualizer screenshot

The WPF Visualizer sample lets you visualize cards using WPF. A Host Config editor is built in for editing and viewing host config settings. Save these settings as a JSON to use them in rendering in your application.

Next steps

See Render a card for the next steps!