Campaign Management API Guides

These technical guides apply to the Campaign Management service and may also depend on other Bing Ads API services.


Topic Description
Ad Extensions With ad extensions, you can decorate ads with additional information that helps customers find relevant information about your products and services. For example, you can include deep links into your website to quickly direct your customers to relevant promotional or technical information that may help increase conversions.
App Install Ads App Install Ads are similar to expanded text ads but provide direct links to your apps with a button, sending customers directly to the applicable store to download the application. This is an ideal solution for advertisers wanting to manage and drive downloads of their apps, rather than website traffic.
Audience Ads Audience ads are coming soon to the Microsoft Audience Network via a new responsive ad format. Audience ads are also available as an extension of search network via image ad extensions, and are targeted to user intent based on various combinations of search history, page content, and past user behavior.
Budget and Bid Strategies Before your ads can run, you need to set your campaign's budget. You'll also need to choose a bid strategy type, and optionally set keyword level match type bids.
Dynamic Search Ads Dynamic search ads provide a streamlined, low-touch way to make sure customers searching on the Microsoft Advertising Network find your products or services.
Editorial Review and Appeals Learn about the editorial review process and how to determine whether ads or keywords passed or failed the review.
Expanded Text Ads The expanded text ad format works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices so you can focus more on crafting your longer ad copy and optimizing your ad text to better engage your customers before they click your ad.
Google Ads Import If you already are using Google Ads to advertise on Google, you can import these campaigns into Microsoft Advertising so that you can run the same ads on Bing. This is an easy way to expand your online advertising reach.
Labels Labels let you organize campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords into groups based on whatever is important to you. You can then filter and run reports on your labels to get the data that is most meaningful to you.
Mixed Campaigns A mixed campaign is a search campaign with dynamic search ads settings and multiple ad group types. Expanded text ads, responsive search ads and keywords are grouped into "SearchStandard" ad groups, while dynamic search ads and auto targets are grouped into "SearchDynamic" ad groups. Instead of creating and managing two campaigns with separate budgets, the same ad extension and audience associations, similar settings, reporting tasks and so on, you can just setup one mixed campaign.
Negative Keywords A negative keyword is a specific word or phrase that helps to prevent your ad from being displayed to customers who are unlikely to click your ad. You can use negative keywords to prevent your ad from being displayed if the user's search query contains one of your negative keywords.
Product Ads Product ads from a Microsoft Shopping campaign include details about the product, an image, and optional promotional text. A Microsoft Shopping campaign enables you to advertise the products from your Microsoft Merchant Center store product catalog.
Responsive Search Ads Responsive search ads in the Search network allow you to set between 3-15 unique ad headlines (a.k.a. "titles") and 2-4 ad descriptions within a single ad. From there, Bing will select the most relevant headline and description combination for each given query and corresponding search user. By allowing Bing AI to select the most relevant headloine and description for each query, we ensure that the right message lands for each of your potential customers, at the right time, across all possible intent signals.

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