Hotel Feed


This beta release of Hotel Price Ads is available to select participants only. For information about participating in the beta release program, please contact your account manager or enroll here.

The Hotel feed and documentation are subject to change.

If you create hotel price ads in Bing, you must use a hotel feed file to provide Bing information about the hotels that you advertise. You must define and import your hotel feed prior to sending Bing Transaction Messages.

To provide Bing your hotel listings, create an XML document or CSV file that contains a listing of each hotel you want to advertise. A listing describes the hotel's name, address, telephone number, and geographical coordinates. For information about creating the XML document or CSV file, see the following topics.

Topic Description
Creating a CSV Hotel Feed Provides information about building a CSV hotel feed file.
Creating an XML Hotel Feed Provides information about building an XML hotel feed file.
Validating your Hotel Feed Provides information about using the Hotel XSD to validate your XML feed file.
Hotel Feed Reference Provides descriptions of the elements and attributes in the Hotel XSD.