Use the business card reader component in a canvas app in Power Apps

Use the AI Builder business card reader component to detect business cards and extract their information. You can take photos directly in the component or load images that you've taken. Data is extracted and identified by using the properties listed below.

For information about canvas apps, see What are canvas apps in Power Apps?

Licensing requirements

AI Builder is licensed as an add-on to your Power Apps or Power Automate licenses. For information about license capacity, pricing, and restrictions, see AI Builder licensing.

Role requirements

You need the Basic User role to use the business card reader.

Key properties

If a business card is detected, the business card reader will extract information that it finds based on the following properties.

Property Definition
AddressCity City
AddressCountry Country
AddressPostalCode Postal code
AddressPostOfficeBox Post office box
AddressState State address
AddressStreet Street address
BusinessPhone The first phone or fax number
CleanedImage (deprecated) The image after processing, where the business card appears cropped and enhanced from the original image
CompanyName Company name
Department Organization department
Email The contact's email address, if any
Fax The third phone or fax number
FirstName The contact's first name
FullAddress The contact's full address
FullName The contact's full name
JobTitle The contact's job title
LastName The contact's last name
MobilePhone Second phone or fax number
OriginalImage The original image, before processing
Website Website

Additional properties

Name Definition
Text Text that appears on the button that activates the business card reader
ImageDisplayed (Show image in the properties panel) Whether the component displays the image
DisplayMode (Edit) Allows user input
DisplayMode (View) Only displays data
DisplayMode (Disabled) Is disabled
Height The height of the component
Visible Whether the component appears or is hidden
Width The width of the component
X The distance between the left edge of the component and the left edge of its parent container or screen
Y The distance between the top edge of the component and the top edge of the parent container or screen

Additional design properties are available in the Advanced panel.

Accessibility guidelines

These guidelines for the Power Apps button control also apply to the business card reader component.

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