Language detection prebuilt model

The language detection prebuilt model identifies the predominant language of a text document. The model analyzes the text and returns the detected language and a numeric score from 0 through 1. Scores close to 1 indicate higher confidence in the result. The detected language is returned as the "script" of the language. For instance, for the phrase "I have a dog", it will return "en" instead of "en-US". The response for languages that can't be detected is unknown.

Use in Power Apps

Use the formula bar

You can integrate your AI Builder language detection model by using the formula bar. For more information, see Use Power Fx in AI Builder models in Power Apps (preview).

Use in Power Automate

If you want to use this prebuilt model in Power Automate, you can find more information in Use the language detection prebuilt model in Power Automate.

Supported language and data format

Model output

If text is detected, the language detection model outputs the following information:

  • Results: A list of languages detected in the input text.
  • Language: Script version of the language code (for example, "en", "fr", "zh_chs", "ru").
  • Confidence score: Numeric value from 0 through 1, where values close to 1 indicate higher confidence.


The following applies to calls made per environment across the following prebuilt models: language detection, sentiment analysis, and key phrase extraction.

Action Limit Renewal period
Calls (per environment) 400 60 seconds

See also

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