Overview of the category classification custom model

The volume of text data is increasing exponentially for organizations. Channels such as email, documents, and social media contribute increasing amounts of text data. This data carries valuable information that—when extracted and acted on—helps you provide better products and services to your customers. Dealing with this ever-growing volume of data is often time-consuming and error-prone, and can lead to missed business opportunities and increased costs.

Category classification is one of the fundamental natural language processing (NLP) challenges. With category classification, you can identify text entries with tags to be used for things like:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Spam detection
  • Customer request routing
  • Other business needs

Automate and scale your business processes with AI Builder category classification in Power Automate and Power Apps. AI Builder models help free your employees to act on new insights. Use the results as an input for other AI capabilities, like subscription user churn and predictive analysis. AI Builder learns from your previously labeled text items and enables you to classify unstructured text data stored in Microsoft Dataverse into your own business-specific categories.

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