Analysis Services tutorials

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Fabric/Power BI Premium

Tabular modeling (1500 and higher compatibility level)
Applies to Azure Analysis Services, Power BI Premium, SQL Server 2019 Analysis Services and later. This tutorial provides lessons on how to author a basic Analysis Services tabular model for the fictitious company, Adventure Works, by using Visual Studio. This tutorial can also be used for tabular models at the 1400 compatibility level to be deployed to SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services.

Multidimensional modeling
Applies to SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services and later. Multidimensional models are not supported on Azure Analysis Services. This tutorial provides lessons for learning fundamental skills and concepts of multidimensional modeling in Visual Studio. When you're finished, you will have a cube database based on Adventure Works data that you can access from Excel, Reporting Services, or any other client application that connects to Analysis Services.


AdventureWorksDW on Azure Synapse

AdventureWorksDW is available as a sample dataset on Azure Synapse, as described in the Tabular modeling (1500 compatibility level) tutorial.

Project and completed model database samples

Sample data modeling projects and completed sample model databases are available at Adventure Works for Analysis Services on GitHub.

Code samples

Open source code samples and community projects available at Analysis Services repo on GitHub.

SQL Server Database and SQL Server Data Warehouse samples

AdventureWorksDW and Wide World Importers sample databases are available at SQL Server Sample Repository on GitHub.