Add a Mining Model to an Existing Mining Structure

Applies to: SQL Server 2019 and earlier Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Fabric/Power BI Premium


Data mining was deprecated in SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services and now discontinued in SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services. Documentation is not updated for deprecated and discontinued features. To learn more, see Analysis Services backward compatibility.

You can add more mining models to a mining structure, after you add the initial model. Each model must contain columns that exist in the structure, but you can define the usage of the columns differently for each mining model. For more information about how to define mining models columns, see Mining Model Columns.

To add a mining model to the structure

  1. From the Mining Model menu item in SQL Server Data Tools, select New Mining Model.

    The New Mining Model dialog box opens.

  2. Under Model name, enter a name for the new mining model.

  3. Under Algorithm name, select the algorithm that the mining model will be built from.

  4. Click OK.

A new mining model appears in the Mining Models tab. The model uses the default columns that exist in the structure. For information about how to modify the columns, see Change the Properties of a Mining Model.

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