Enable Drillthrough for a Mining Model

Applies to: SQL Server 2019 and earlier Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Fabric/Power BI Premium


Data mining was deprecated in SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services and now discontinued in SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services. Documentation is not updated for deprecated and discontinued features. To learn more, see Analysis Services backward compatibility.

If you have enabled drillthrough for a mining model, when you browse the model you can retrieve detailed information about the cases that were used to create the model. To view this information, you must have the necessary permissions, and the structure must have already been processed.

Permissions For a user to drill through to either model data or structure data, the user must be a member of a role that has AllowDrillThrough permissions on the mining model or mining structure. Drillthrough permissions are set separately on the structure and model.

  • Drillthrough permissions on the model enable you to drill through from the model, even if you do not have permissions on the structure.

  • Drillthrough permissions on the structure provide the additional ability to include structure columns in drillthrough queries from the model, by using the StructureColumn (DMX) function. You can also query the training and test cases in the structure by using the SELECT... FROM <structure>.CASES syntax.

Caching of training cases Drillthrough works by retrieving information about the training cases in the mining structure. This information is cached when the structure is processed. Therefore, if you choose to clear all cached data by changing the MiningStructureCacheMode property to ClearAfterProcessing, drillthrough will not work.


If the training cases have not been cached, you must change the MiningStructureCacheMode property to KeepTrainingCases and then reprocess the model before you can view the case data.

For more information, see Drillthrough Queries (Data Mining).

To enable drillthrough on a mining model

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools, on the Mining Models tab of Data Mining Designer, right-click the name of the mining model on which you want to enable drillthrough, and select Properties.

  2. In the Properties windows, click AllowDrillthrough, and select True.

  3. In the Mining Models tab, right-click the model, and select Process Model.

To enable caching for a mining structure

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools, on the Mining Structure tab of Data Mining Designer, right-click the name of the mining structure.

  2. Open the Properties window.

  3. In the Properties window, locate the CacheMode property, and select KeepTrainingCases from the list.

  4. On the Database menu, select Process.

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