Analysis Services Schema Rowsets

Applies to: SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Fabric/Power BI Premium

Schema rowsets are predefined tables that contain information about Analysis Services objects and server state, including database schema, active sessions, connections, commands, and jobs that are executing on the server. You can query schema rowset tables in an XML/A script window in SQL Server Management Studio, run a DMV query against a schema rowset, or create a custom application that incorporates schema rowset information (for example, a reporting application that retrieves the list of available dimensions that can be used to create a report).


If using schema rowsets in XML/A script, the information that is returned in the Result parameter of the Discover method is structured according to the rowset column layouts described in this section. The XML for Analysis (XMLA) provider supports rowsets required by the XML for Analysis Specification. The XMLA provider also supports some of the standard schema rowsets for OLE DB, OLE DB for OLAP, and OLE DB for Data Mining data source providers. The supported rowsets are described in the following topics.

Schema rowsets

Schema rowsets are described in two SQL Server Analysis Services protocols:

[MS-SSAS-T]: SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Protocol - Describes schema rowsets for tabular models at the 1200 and higher compatibility levels.

[MS-SSAS]: SQL Server Analysis Services Protocol - Describes schema rowsets for multidimensional models and tabular models at the 1100 and 1103 compatibility levels.